Pop rocks? Ouch!

Today I just found out that one of the pillars of rock radio, NU107, is saying goodbye with just a few hours to go before it shifts to, sadly, a more revenue-viable programming.

This is definitely a sad day for me personally because what would soon happen to NU107 confirms one of my greatest fears - the beginning of the end of rock radio in the Philippines as we know it.

I'm quoting an article by Tony Maghirang (who I used to read in Jingle Chord magazine in my younger days) about this woeful state of affairs in the radio industry that led to NU107's decision.

Following the news of NU’s impending “demise” and the possibility of its eventual makeover to a new format, it was further speculated that the station was going through financial straits arising from the non-bankability of rock music among advertisers. Two years ago, a high rating pop station drastically changed its apparently revenue-earning format to a Pinoy talk and pop music programming on grounds that chitchat with pop music was a more appealing combination in drawing radio advertising placements.

NU management has also consistently downplayed the adverse impact of music piracy and free Internet downloads on NU 107’s continuing viability. Arguably, even the marginal effects of these indirect factors contributed in magnifying the financial problems brought on by the already skidding appeal of rock among advertisers."

It's a sell out really, but it has to be done.

So far Rajah Broadcasting is still holding on with its AM-based UR 105.9, thanks to the iconic Ramon "RJ" Jacinto who I believe is THE rock who steadfastly holds up the rock scene in this country. I wonder though...if he could hold on any much longer with the pressure put on radio stations to survive financially.

I am a rock worshipper, but if you are pressured to sell, what can you do?

For those who rock, don't fret. It will still continue to live on most definitely...somewhere else.

To NU107 - vaya con dios and good luck on your new life...whatever that is.


Pearl said...

This news is really sad:(

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

yes, jologs na rin ang NU...gosh