A ticket to Mars

My name's one way ticket to Mars. Well, at least I will have established my presence there...even if it's just my name hehe.

Round and Round the Radio Formats Go

The Rise of Bakya Programming in Philippine FM Radio

It used to be simpler. I grew up with FM radio, and during the 80s, Frequency Modulation in my opinion, was at its finest.

I'm sure the 60s and 70s were a lot of fun, but when I was growing up, a lot of us 80s Pinoy kids had our ears glued to FM because it was basically the only source of fresh music we had, especially so with the dawn of the second British music invasion and the rise of commercial rock. The American Top 40 hosted by the legendary Casey Kasem (syndicated and heard over the former 99.5 RT) was the definitive yardstick of what's hot and up there (still is, sans Kasem), sending us kids to record stores to buy the singles or albums which, back then were either in vinyl or cassette tape.

More Bob Ong in English: Bob Ong quotes...translated (Part 10)

On being human

“Makakapili ka ng lugar na uupuan mo, pero hindi mo mapipili ang taong uupo sa puwang sa tabi mo... Ganyan ang senaryo sa bus. Ganyan din sa pag-ibig... Lalong 'di mo kontrolado kung kelan siya bababa.”

You can choose where you sit, but you cannot choose the person who will sit on that space beside you… that’s how the scenario is in a bus. It’s the same with love… all the more you can’t control when he/she gets off.

Bob Ong in English - quotes from his book ‘Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin’

After such an extremely long hiatus, I’m back with my English translations of Bob Ong Quotes. This set of quotes is culled from Bob Ong’s book ‘Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin’ which I am translating as ‘Get As Far As You Can Away From Me’ (seeing that the title of the book is in question form, and because of the preposition “nga,” it’s as if the title is an expression of displeasure).

I really haven’t read the novel but judging from these quotes, most of them talk about current social attitudes, books and reading, art, media and their influences on the contemporary Filipino. Really very interesting…and so true!

So I hope you enjoy part 9 of my series of Bob Ong Quotes…Translated.

A post-valentine treat : Songs about love and heartbreak

I want to treat Pinkoy readers with a little something, like a post-valentine gift of sorts - A playlist, actually two playlists of some of my favorite love songs straight from my personal audio library.

(I need to keep a backup of these files somehow since a lot of these aren't being played anymore, especially that Prince song "When 2 R N Love" which I think wasn't really actually played during its time. Listen to it and you'll know why).

Warning though for those who are into standard love songs: Well, they're not (most of them anyway)...but still, I invite you to listen to them.

Zero Point Energy and Amega

It has been so long since I last posted here in Pinkoy. For quite sometime, a lot of things had happened that I would say, improved the quality of my life.

The many years of neglecting my own personal happiness due to forced responsibility have finally reached closure. Now all I can say is, I am free.

Going...Gone (list 2)

Here yet is another list of things that have either become already obsolete or will soon become in the next few years (as sourced from different lists published online).

VCRs/VHS TAPES: In 2005, the Washington Post penned an obituary of sorts for the VHS tape, writing, "VHS -- the beloved videotape format that bravely won the war against Betamax and charmed millions of Americans by allowing them to enjoy mindless Hollywood entertainment without leaving their homes -- has died at the age of 29. It passed away peacefully after a long illness caused by chronic technological insignificance and a lack of director's commentary tracks."


Nothing is permanent, so they say. Really time flies so fast that, for instance, we just hit the year 2011. 12 months have come and gone just like that, and now we've reached decade two of two thousand...just like that.

Personally, I'm quite ecstatic to have my life at least reached this period when knowledge and technology make it possible for new things to develop at light speed. Things that we thought were nifty and high-tech yesterday have become obsolete and insignificant today.


I just finished watching this film called "The End Of The Line," a documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last year, revealing the devastating impact of overfishing on our world's oceans.

As always, it personally angered me how man can be so wantonly abusive of our earth's natural resources, that some species are now nearly wiped out. How did this happen? Our seas comprise more than 70 percent of our earth's surface that it would be unthinkable for humans to deplete this virtually infinite food source. Wrong.

Pop rocks? Ouch!

Today I just found out that one of the pillars of rock radio, NU107, is saying goodbye with just a few hours to go before it shifts to, sadly, a more revenue-viable programming.

This is definitely a sad day for me personally because what would soon happen to NU107 confirms one of my greatest fears - the beginning of the end of rock radio in the Philippines as we know it.