A post-valentine treat : Songs about love and heartbreak

I want to treat Pinkoy readers with a little something, like a post-valentine gift of sorts - A playlist, actually two playlists of some of my favorite love songs straight from my personal audio library.

(I need to keep a backup of these files somehow since a lot of these aren't being played anymore, especially that Prince song "When 2 R N Love" which I think wasn't really actually played during its time. Listen to it and you'll know why).

Warning though for those who are into standard love songs: Well, they're not (most of them anyway)...but still, I invite you to listen to them.

I've organized the playlists into (A) songs on being in love, and (B) heartbreak/missing you/longing songs. Most of the tracks in playlist A are now classics (meaning the 80s and a little of the 70s), while in playlist B, I've mixed some of them classics with recurrents (2000 and up) for Pinkoy's younger readers.

Feel free to just get mushy and all while listening to these tracks (and probably make your own MTV in your mind). I know I do sometimes.

Stay in love and be loved. Enjoy!

Playlist A
Download this playlist 

  Playlist B
Download this playlist


Ron Centeno said...

Hahaha! What's up with the heartbreaking songs! You're too pretty to be melancholy!

Here's something to laugh and smirk about!You have been tagged my friend! If you feel like it click on the link.


RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

Thanks for the...was that a compliment? lol, but anyway...A lot of these songs I love are mostly about heartbreak and like any mortal person, I did have my share of heartbreaks. Wala lang trip trip lang din kunyari melancholy hehe. Thanks again Ron and ditto for the tag.

Anton said...

God, flashbacks of a previous person in my life went on and on with that Ephraim Lewis song.I loved that song so much I can recite the timestamps of each cowbell ting played on it...un nga lang one hit wonder...

RhonB (aka Pinkoy) said...

Love that song too Anton. Yes it was a one-hit wonder kaya it really took me quite a long time to find an mp3 copy of it.

Glad you dropped by :)