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On Weird Filipino Names

Sorry for that really long hiatus. Not that I have run out of ideas on what to post here, it's just that things have really been crazy at work.

Anyway, I'm back and to start things rolling again, here's one interesting find I wanna share with Pinkoy readers. Months ago when I was browsing the net, I was led to an old copyrighted article in bibingka.com titled "Katalogo ng mga Apelyidong Pilipino (Catalog of Filipino Names)."

According to the article, sometime in the 1800s during the Spanish rule in the Philippines, Governor General Narciso Claveria ordered a systematic distribution of family names for the natives to use, thus producing the Catalogo Alfabetico de Apellidos. It said that these truly Filipino names remained in use even after the Claveria edict. It was a really long list, but there are names there that had caught my eye and found them really unusual (and some quite disturbing I can't believe they really were used as namesakes).

Here are some of them (categories mine), though I'm really not quite sure if these Filipino last names still exist or are still being used up to now.

Body Parts
Baga (lung) Bagang (molar) Bayag (long time - Ilokano, gonads - Tagalog) Lalamunan (throat) Paa (feet)

Dalawampu (twenty) Labindalawa (twelve) Lima (five) Una (first)

Bundled words
Bagong-gahasa (newly-sharpened, newly-raped?) Batongmalaque (big stone) Camaganacan (relatives) Datingginoo (former chief, ex-man?) Dinguinbayan (town crier) Lakan-Ilaw (man of light) Mababangloob (humble) Madlangsakit (common sickness) Mulingtapang (brave again) Tukodlangit (prop up the sky)

Gago (bad) Gamol (fake people - street slang/recent/adapted by pinoy rapper Andrew E.) Tanga (stupid)

Batucan (hit on the nape) Hinampas (struck) Manas (bloated) Sabog (Explosion) Tibok (throb)

Baboyan (place for pig, pig sty) Buaya (crocodile) Halimaw (beast)

Balitactac (tattle) Caculitan (irritant) Calibugan (joyousness - Cebuano, libido - Tagalog) Catacataca (surprising) Dimaisip (unfathomable) Dimapasoc (unbreachable) Laylay (wilted) Pandac (short, midget) Tigas (hard)

Objects et.al.
Calaycay (rake) Kabaong (coffin) Talaba (oyster) Tampipi (native suitcase)
Tinapay (bread)

(P.S. I really don't mind some of these names. Well, except probably those that are on the derogatory list, but "bagong-gahasa"? jeez.)


Anonymous said...

hello sweetie!

ahmmm.... bagong-gahasa o bagong - hasa?hmmmm...sounds great!heheheh...

nice entry! marami na naman ako nalaman ah...

johnlazy said...

ang saya nyan ma'am ha hehehehe

Anonymous said...

haha. good thing ok lang family names ng mom and dad ko.:))

Jan said...

Bagong-gahasa? Seriously now, huh?
Ahahaha. The list is hilarious. In my town, there's Mapacpac, Dimagiba, Nagutom. Maybe I should compile a list for our future database. What do you think of that. :) By the way, I saw your blog in BlogCatalog. I called myself djian there, only because jan is already taken.

RhonB895 said...

Hey Jan that's a great idea! will definitely support you on that :)

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