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What's wrong with Hayden?

So far, almost half the population of this country has probably (and guiltily) seen the controversial sex videotape of Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. and sexy starlet Katrina Halili. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the entire Senate committee currently hearing this scandal already saw the video, in aid of legislation. The erstwhile lovers have become household names that even an ex-cop wanted to get his own five seconds of fame on local news by pouring a whole bottle of mineral water over the already remorseful Dr. Hayden.

Sympathies all for Katrina. But what of Hayden? The poor soul is now declared persona non grata in several places and is facing possible revocation of his medical practice license. He revealed he is now undergoing psychotherapy and seeking spiritual guidance for all his videotaping transgressions.

What's wrong with Hayden? What was in that pretty head (well, he is good-looking admittedly) of his that made him do it? Well, this certain psychologist (I forgot his name though) who was interviewed by a local radio station said that Hayden is probably suffering from some form of exhibitionism.

Exhibitionism: A behavior caused by the need to exhibit naked parts of the body to other people. It also refers to a strong desire to be observed by other people during sexual activity.

I'm not really sure if he had that "strong desire to be observed" as mentioned in that definition, but I think I found this explanation I got from this site (www.crimeandclues.com/
caughtontape.htm) as the most appropriate answer to that burning question:

"Most of (these) sex-related videos come from the perpetrators' desire to relive the experience at a later time through their photographic records. Much as some members of the general population use pornography to stimulate sexual fantasy, sexual deviates use their homemade pornography to satisfy their specialized deviance. This most often occurs in cases of more extreme forms of paraphilia. Because they find little excitement in general pornography, they develop their own to reflect their particular pathology.

...Finally, like (the) sexual deviated, they can relive the excitement of the experience by reviewing the videotape."

So, what's wrong with Hayden? A lot, really (He did mention in an interview that he was sort of abused as a child). But so are hordes of mortals who, just like him, suffer from these so-called psychosexual disorders. They can't help it.

Conclusion? I've been staring at my monitor for about an hour or so wracking my brains for a dramatic end to this entry. But I'll just leave it to you, Pinkoy readers.

(Easy way out eh? Can't help it) ^-^


Goddy: An Unbreakable Spirit said...

Hello, RhonB!

Thanks for this post! Very informative as well as enlightening (with regards to why some people behave the way they do).

Ang sipag mo a! Dami mo nang entries!

Ingat! God bless!


Unknown said...

All I can say about Hayden, seen this when I was working with adult psych unit, people like Hayden is not happy, he may be a doctor a lawyer or whatever his profession might be, they are not happy. People may judge easily of what he have done, they label him a pervert what not, but we don't really know until you crack him and see what was he really thinking, with Katrina Halili, it so unfortunate that she became a part of Hayden's collection.
We can just wait and see we cannot judge Hayden, we cannot analyze what is going through. For short tao madali lang tayong humusga. Let this their problems be solve by professional people, we just have to enjoy the sites of the circus and let us not be involve there are more things we can do as Human being than to solve this doctor's and sex kitten's case. Let's work on not paying any attention to it. Let us be an advocate of something else that is more helpful to our countrymen.

antz said...

di ko kinakampihan si hayden, mali yung nagawa nya kaya dapat syang parusahan ng batas, pero sa totoo lang nakakawa rin sya sa mga pinagdadaanan nya ngayon..

Yza Magbanua said...

to be brutally frank about it? he just wants to show it off to a "few" friends so he can say he did the thing with the most drooled on sexy star. :) or some untouchable model. its all E-G-O. or yeah maybe he just wants to watch it over and over again when he's alone. :D i kinda know this pattern, i have a good friend suffering from the same, ehem -- addiction? :p

Anonymous said...

My latest post is also on Hayden. Oh the poor guy. True enough, everybody has a right to preserve "precious" moments and relive them as desired. The videos were taken 2 years ago. Had he intended anything malicious, why are they coming out only now? At any rate, the public's sympathy is now shifting to Hayden's side. That's good news. :)

The Pope said...

You have done a great research job on this one, very informative talaga.

Ang take ko sa issue, Hyden is really sick, he needs proper medical attention... and it's such a pity that he has to pay a high price for his actions.

Many lessons can be learned from this video scandal, the pros and cons of casual sex, the lapses on recording sexual activity, the non-existence of laws against cyber sex, etc.

I appreciate your efforts in posting this article, God bless you and happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

intimate moments should always be kept as private. otherwise, we're nothing different from animals -dogs in streets on broad daylight to be graphic about it.

both of hayden and his "victims" badly need professional medical help. rehabilitation, psychiatric and psychological management. it's a long process, worse the social stigma will be there. karma has its prize.

RhonB895 said...

totally agree with you doc!