Zero Point Energy and Amega

It has been so long since I last posted here in Pinkoy. For quite sometime, a lot of things had happened that I would say, improved the quality of my life.

The many years of neglecting my own personal happiness due to forced responsibility have finally reached closure. Now all I can say is, I am free.

It was during the onset of this new chapter that I was introduced to Amega and its breakthrough health and wellness products. I was especially intrigued with the technology behind their products. It was in a product demo that I actually heard someone saying "zero point energy."

It was a nerd moment for me. The first time I heard about zero point energy was when I became so enthralled with the sci-fi series Stargate: Atlantis. The characters there were endlessly in search of Zero Point Modules (ZPMs) that power up the entire city of Atlantis and bolster its capacity to fly off to hyperspace.

What the heck is zero point energy? It's the stuff of quantum physics and it makes non-nerds' noses bleed. Accordingly, this is energy right out of the vacuum of our vast universe, the concept of which was first developed by Albert Einstein (along with fellow German physicist Otto Stern). No less than Nikola Tesla invented mechanisms involving ZPE which harness energy without the help of conventional fuels. In other words, FREE ENERGY sourced from the very fabric (quantum) that holds our universe.

Zero point energy is what makes our universe work. "the Universe and all that is within it (including us, humans) could not exist without zero point energy. Zero point energy is what makes 'strings' in string theory vibrate, and makes the atom work as it does," says this person who gave this simple explanation at Yahoo Answers.

So, when these guys at Amega testified that the technology behind their products harnesses ZPE, I wasn't at all skeptical because the science was already there. And now the science is being utilized to improve the lives of us, human beings.

Straight from Amega's website, this explains how they did it:

Using the principles of quantum physics and quantum mechanics, Amega Global Research & Development (a team of scientists, doctors and physicists) spent 25 years developing our proprietary AMized Fusion Technology™ (AFT™). From water products to skin care, all Amega products resonate with AFT. Simply put, AFT helps provide your body with the energy and support it needs to naturally correct and rejuvenate itself.

Amega products are unique because they release Zero-Point Life Force Energy. This harnessed energy actually balances the flow of energy throughout the body, bringing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies into harmony. When the body is balanced energetically, wellness improves.

Come to think of it, it's all about going back to the source. By going back to the source, our body should be able go back to its original state...healthy and disease-free.

I saw with my very own eyes ZPE at work. One of my colleagues had this chronic pain on her left shoulder to a point that she cannot even raise her left arm. A few minutes with the AMwand and viola! That was about last year and up to now her left armpit is enjoying the full benefit of seeing the light of day.

I swear by zero point energy.

I long to get myself an AMpendant and AMwand, by far the most awesome products infused with ZPE.  But then my Amega bracelet (which I got last year, and one more for my daughter) is doing great wonders for me. It works by using the same Amega technology but with a different energy source that provides the same regenerative powers. I'll be talking about my super bracelet in my next post.

In the meantime, my Amega bracelet and I are inseparable. I am at the peak of my health, never been this balanced before, my entire being re-energized as if I have a new body... a superbody.

To find out more about Amega's amazing products, click here.

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