WorldWideWeird Files 1

[As promised, here are three odd (but true) stories from my tripleW files]

He was stranded for a number of days and just desperate for people to know where he was," said a spokesman for SaskPower, the electric utility is Saskatchewan, Canada. The unidentified man was lost in the wilds in the northern part of the province, and had no way out. But he had an axe, and figured if he cut down some power poles, the resulting electrical outage would bring linemen to repair the breech, and he'd be rescued. It worked like a charm, but two towns were left without power for about 30 hours, SaskPower says. "A lot of people are pretty upset about it," complained Ed Benoanie, a councillor of one of the towns affected, Hatchet Lake Denesuline Nation. When lost, he says, "stay where you are and build a big bonfire" ...Out of power poles.

Mobitel, a mobile phone operator in Bulgaria, has reserved a mobile phone number -- all 8s -- after everyone that has been assigned the number has died. The first person assigned the number, the CEO of the company, died from cancer. Then a "mafia boss" got it, and was shot to death. Then a "crooked businessman" who was shot, then a drug dealer who was killed. "We have no comment to make," said a Mobitel spokesman. "We won't discuss individual numbers." (London Telegraph) ...They do, however, reserve the right to issue the number to troublesome customers.
Police in the university town of Arcata, Calif., are warning residents that an especially potent batch of LSD is in circulation, leading to a rash of calls to help people who are acting crazy. The first such call came when medics from Arcata-Mad River Ambulance called for officers to assist with a patient who had castrated himself, and medics couldn't find the severed parts. When officers couldn't find them either, the 31-year-old patient explained why: he had flushed them
down the toilet because they contained "monsters." (Eureka Times-Standard) ...It would be interesting to hear him defend how cool street drugs are once he comes down from that trip.

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